Dibrugarh DC inspected the treatment plan and city security drain

Daily News

The Dibrugarh district’s Deputy Commissioner, Shri Pallab Gopal Jha, on 22nd November, 2020 made a small inspection of the treatment plan of a large Dibrugarh Water Supply Scheme, ‘ Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation’ under a ‘Amrut Scheme’. Additional Assistant, Mr. Ranjit Konwaro was also present. Also, the DC discussed the the opinions with the commoners of the Jaglani Grant Area, with respect their doubts and objections. Later, he observed the intake point to be built for the above scheme.

Added, Shri Pallab Gopal Jha, along with Mr. Ranjit Konwaro and the officers of Assam Nagar Interstructive Investment visited the construction of the city security drain lining from 5.5 km to 9.5 km under the Assam Nagar Interstructive Investment Program in Dibrugarh.


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