PUBG Mobile Might Return Back To India

Daily News

PUBG Corporation recently divulged that the PUBG mobile game is preparing to return back back return back to India soon, and will be called as PUBG Mobile India. The mobile game will make a comeback comeback with the local and new twist, separate from the global version. Moreover, the company asserted that it plans to invest around $100 million, in compliance with ‘Krafton’ in India. Added that the company also plans to set up and Indian subsidiary and hire over over 100 local employees, specialise in business, e-sports and game development verticals, along with it said that they will collaborate with the local businesses to reinforce its gaming service.

PUBG mobile was one of the most famous mobile games in India, and captured a huge user base since its launch since its launch base since its launch since its launch. However, on 2nd September, 2020 the Government of India banned the the game under section 69A of Information Technology Act in India. But, the Indian players access to the app were allowed to play, as the servers were left online.

Nevertheless, the company has announced its comeback to India, though it will depend on the Indian Government granting it permission. The PUBG corporation needs to address the concerns raised by the Central Government.


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