Eye Care Camp: The Vision Screening

Daily News

‘A regular school screening camps are required for all the children of our society’, taking this into consideration, an Eye Care Camp was marshaled for the people of ‘Prerona Child Home Orphanage’ from 11th September to 16th September, 2020 in Dibrugarh district. This camp was organized under the direction of ST Foundation, The Round Table India, associated with the Drishti Netralya, and was probed by Dr. Isha Agarwalla. However, all the fundings were done by ST Foundation.

In this camp, a total of 52 people were examined and 19 free spectacles and medicines were provided. The key role of eye health programmes is to identify children with eye problems and provide them with proper eye treatment as well as regular eye examinations. The predominant strategy of regular school screening can help our future generations to serve the society in a more accountable way. Considering this, World Health Organization (WHO) also recommends screening of children every year till the age of 5 years, and then every 2 year till the age of 15 years for better vision.


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