Remembering the reformer Mr. Shoebullah Khan


Seventy two years ago, Hyderabad witnessed the most bestial and barbaric act in the history, on the intervening night of August 22, 1948. The editor of Imroz, an Urdu Daily, Mr. Shoebullah Khan, was assassinated and his right palm was slashed for writing against the Nizam and Majlis Itehadul Muslimeen and then shot three bullets into him. He was in favour of the merger of Hyderabad with the Union of India and wrote articles against Mir Osman Ali Khan, Nizam VII who was delaying for the merger. Mr. Qasim Rizvi assigned the task of killing the patriot, Mr. Shoebullah Khan. Later, Mr. Qasim Rizvi and his four Razakars were arrested on the charge of the murder.

Today, we are celebrating 72nd death anniversary of the nationalist and the freedom fighter, Shoebullah Khan.


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